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How a Brand Evolution Agency Thinks About Results
March 21, 2024

How a Brand Evolution Agency Thinks About Results

At Superhuman, “good” work is work that genuinely helps our clients and their business. This is why we’re so excited that our case studies have a new addition: results! Woven throughout our case studies, you’ll see common agency results like engagement lift, customer growth, company coverage, and creative awards.

We believe that familiar measures of agency success like these can be important. But, we also believe that focusing on these measures alone shortchanges the wide-reaching impact of brand and the true value of the work we can do together.

The work we do serves as the thread that unites everything that an organization does. We evolve brands and turn them into the north star for how you tell your story, build an experience internally and externally, innovate products and services, and make meaningful business decisions. Because of this, we’ve included additional types of results that attempt to quantify both the breadth and depth of this impact.

Perusing our case studies, you’ll see results for category leadership like we helped Definitive Healthcare achieve through category design; and category recognition like Cargill received.

You’ll see company growth measures for brands who reached funding goals like our clients at Onboard; measures of accelerated growth like LogicMonitor saw; and successful market expansion like we helped Quickbase achieve.

You’ll see employee-centric metrics, because we truly believe that our clients’ career success is among the most tangible measures of our success. These metrics include realizing departmental alignment like 1E accomplished; client career growth like our work with Hot Take helped drive; and the ability to recruit top leadership like Phrase experienced.

We’ve also included measures of our work helping companies reach their next inflection point like Vivvix being acquired by a larger competitor; or Powerschool’s successful IPO.

Finally, we’ve included numerous client testimonials, because we are ultimately here to help our clients achieve their goals—and who better to attest to that than our clients themselves? Great thinking can only serve as a unifying thread if the people and teams involved wholeheartedly believe in the project outcomes and the partnership that produced them.

We don’t claim to directly influence all of these results to the degree that something like an ad campaign impacts brand awareness. We do, however, know that uniting your company in a time of change makes operating internally and externally much more effective (and efficient). And that pays dividends across an organization for years to come.

Check out our case studies or send us a note if you’re interested in partnering to create results like these!

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