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Add a New Perspective

We approach our clients’ challenges with curiosity—bringing fresh eyes, broad vertical experience, and deep creative expertise.


Minds Open.
Elbows In.

Superhuman brings collaborative thinkers and makers together to explore new ideas and plan for what’s next. We believe nothing is precious, and that the best ideas come from diverse perspectives.


Make it Meaningful

We provide tangible brand, business, product, and activation deliverables that unite and inspire the people you serve.


Origin Story

In 2011, Van Horgen set out to create an agency that put diversity and inclusion first and offered a work-life balance that serves modern families. As a women- and minority-owned business, we take pride in having staff that is almost 15% BIPOC and a leadership team that is over 50% women. We don’t pretend to have everything figured out, but we’re devoted to having nuanced, hard conversations while upholding our motto: “Believe in people.”

Meet Van

Extra Grind:
Free Classes
for All

The cost of access is a major barrier to entering the advertising world. To open that door, Van created a free advertising school called Extra Grind. Over 10 years later, we’ve hired multiple Extra Grind alums and continue to serve learners all over the world.


Our Values

We created our core values together. They aren’t vague aspirations for who we could be, but a reflection of who we are at our best.

  • Wonder Why

    Everyone at Superhuman is deeply curious about, well, basically everything. It’s how we learn about new, complex industries every day.

  • Play is Serious Business

    Nothing is too precious here. A sense of play and absurdity help us think big picture and explore wild new ideas.

  • Say Yes to the Mess

    Progress is often a circle instead of a straight line. We welcome ambiguity if it means finding an exciting new way to approach an old problem.

  • Be Really, Really Real

    We aren’t in search of people with a cool creative gimmick or the right work wardrobe. We’re fine being a band of passionate weirdos that isn’t afraid to affectionately spar about topics as a way to build understanding.

  • Quality Over Coolity

    Everyone at Superhuman is an expert in their craft, and can talk at length about the nuances of what they do. It’s this passion that we aim to cultivate and offer to our clients.

A Few of Our Recent Clients

A Seat
for Everyone

Superhuman is proud to be a minority- and women-led company with a deep, personal interest in empowering people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We express those values through equitable hiring and pay practices in our workforce, a safe and inclusive environment in our workplace, and diverse representation and accessible design in our work.


Join Our Team

Are you passionate about creative collaboration, embracing fluidity and navigating change? If you have high emotional intelligence and a desire to carve your own path, this might be the place for you.


Curious about
what we do?

We’d love to tell you more.