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Definitive Healthcare

Navigating Healthcare Commercial Intelligence


Definitive Healthcare came to us with a desire to reinvent their brand identity. They serve a broad market, spanning anyone who wants to sell into the $4 trillion healthcare industry. They needed a partner to make their brand more aspirational while creating a vision and mission that would resonate with a wide audience.


How can Definitive Healthcare create a new market category and position itself as its leader?


In our strategy process, we identified that Definitive Healthcare should help its customers navigate the complex world of healthcare. Together, we established a new category called healthcare commercial intelligence. We reintroduced Definitive Healthcare’s brand to the market with an integrated vision, mission and positioning, complemented by a new visual identity. Shortly after completing the work, Definitive Healthcare held its IPO, where the central theme was how Definitive Healthcare helped its clients “discover opportunity.”

Navigating healthcare data can be daunting. We imagined Definitive Healthcare as the guide through the complex healthcare market, leveraging arrows and paths that can flex to any application.

Paths create interesting weaving textures, and make the arrows cutting through the complexity stand out even more.

We created sleek, simple product abstractions as a clear way to show off the robust capabilities of Definitive Healthcare’s software.

We produced a custom photo shoot to show what a day in the life of their users looks like, and how Definitive Healthcare makes their work easier.

At the end of our engagement, we helped Definitive Healthcare navigate their IPO through a campaign that introduced healthcare commercial intelligence to the public.


Definitive Healthcare


  • Healthcare Technology

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Content
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • UI Design
  • User Experience
  • Visual Identity