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Bringing wonder to the digital employee experience.


1E was evolving from an IT software solution focused on endpoint management to a more comprehensive digital employee experience. As the pandemic fueled the work from home movement, their transition became more relevant than ever.


How do we build 1E as a passionate advocate for digital empathy?


We created a purpose inspired by 1E’s goal to reimagine how technology can serve people. To dimensionalize the brand, we created the tagline “Work Wonders,” and a set of colorful shapes called “Wonders” that can be endlessly remixed to depict their vision for the future of work.

Infinitely reconfigurable and seamlessly flowing between environments, floating “Wonders” gave the brand its own language. They visualize the unobtrusive but ever-present support of IT—working just under the surface of everyday events to ensure a unified experience.

Using radically simplified forms inspired by the “Wonders,” our logo incorporates shapes reminiscent of a hand holding an object in offering. It signifies partnership and the optimism of people helping one another get more out of their daily efforts.

1E asked us to create a 5-part collectable poster series for employees. They were inspired by the concept of a myriorama, a holistic picture whose components can be rearranged in many different ways. To make that happen, we created an abstract series of visual landscapes inspired by 1E’s core values.




  • Workplace Technology

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Tagline
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Voice & Tone
  • Verbal Identity