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Empowering teachers to do what they do best.


With several strategic acquisitions in a few short years, Powerschool became the largest education technology platform in the world. As they began serving new stakeholders, they wanted to expand their story to new audiences.


How can we shift focus away from individual technology solutions and towards a unified story about boosting student potential?


We positioned PowerSchool as the brand that puts teachers, administrators and parents on the same team for student success. To amplify that story, we launched the “Time for Teachers” campaign, filled with dual-meaning: first, that teachers need technology to free their time to focus on students, and second and most urgently, that it’s time for our communities to stand up for teachers’ needs.

We spoke with a series of real teachers to inform the campaign with authentic insights.




  • Education
  • Software & Technology

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Production