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Cargill Horizons

A Day in the Life of Food Innovation


Horizons is Cargill’s Digital Business Studio, focused on building innovative food tech businesses that address their customers' real pain points. But the task of introducing a portfolio of SaaS ventures to customers who usually buy food ingredients meant we needed to start by outlining the vision.


How do we convey Horizons’ ambitions to a wide range of customers and partners in a way that feels accessible and integrated?


Using custom animation, we created a day-in-the-life video that helps imagine how a real person could seamlessly interact with Cargill's innovative food-tech ventures throughout their day.

Every element of this video was lovingly crafted, down to the smallest of details—including beautiful imaginary brands and thoughtfully-designed hamburger wrapping paper—even if they only appeared on-screen for fractions of a second.


Cargill Horizons


  • Software & Technology
  • Food & Beverage

What we did:

  • Animation
  • Illustration