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Creating Culture Through Monitoring


LogicMonitor came to us as a monitoring solution by and for developers, hungry to work with more enterprise companies and become a household name.


How do we help companies understand that monitoring can do more than just show developers what’s in front of them?


We positioned LogicMonitor as the brand illuminating new ways for leaders to realize their vision. Inspired by the new positioning, we created a fleet of friendly robots as the heart of LogicMonitor’s design system, symbolizing different elements of monitoring and putting a friendly face to automation.

The LogicMonitor logo evokes the healthy pulse of the monitoring category.

The capstone of the brand was a colorful cast of robots symbolizing different features and functionalities. They even turned them into stress balls.

We hand cut vintage-looking digital devices out of wood and spray painted them with brand colors to differentiate how LogicMonitor shows their digital interface.

Robot hands interact with human hands in brand videos and photography to play on the company’s sense of fun.

We created a documentary showcasing their leaders’ visions for the future of monitoring and used footage to show real employees in brand marketing.




  • Software & Technology

What we did:

  • Animation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Messaging
  • Photography
  • Tagline
  • Visual Identity
  • Voice & Tone