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Clearing the way for a new era of advertising intelligence.


Combining the advertising intelligence capabilities of two industry trailblazers, Kantar and Numerator, Vivvix needed a whole new brand to announce itself to the world.


How do we convince a skeptical audience in a fast-paced industry that a new solution cannot only give them an unmatched view into every dimension of advertising, but make them a hero throughout their organization in the process?


We created a brand that celebrates the competitive drive of Vivvix’s audience and champions clarity as the key to commanding and winning.

The name Vivvix plays on the familiar word “vivid,” which connotes sight, vision, and intensity. It establishes a connection between clarity and control, emphasizing the power of deep understanding. The doubled “v” and repeated “i” provide a rhythmic sense of dynamic motion and energy.

Source of Insight

For publications like Ad Age, PR Newswire, Digiday, and the New York Times after launch.

Sold to MediaRadar

In their first acquisition after 16 years in business.

“We had a client recap what they had learned about Vivvix…they understood us completely, which is a testament to all of our work.”




  • Software & Technology

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Voice & Tone
  • Verbal Identity