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What “Creativity” Means to Us
August 1, 2022

What “Creativity” Means to Us

“Creativity Connects Us” has been our guiding philosophy for years, but this brand update has empowered us to put it into words.

As professional communicators, we’re thrilled to be able to distill what we do every day and why we do it into just three words. We’re also happy to expand on that and share what “Creativity Connects Us” means to us on a broader creative level.


“To me, ‘Creativity Connects Us’ means three things. First, it means that everyone — each team member at Superhuman and all of our clients — has the ability and skills to apply creativity to the work we do. Second, it means that our process of creation — imagination, ideation, and building something — is inherently collaborative. Third, it means that the output of our creativity is human, empathetic, and emotive in a way that brings people together.”

Genevieve Locke, Strategist


“It means that nearly every element of our lives contains some sort of creative component. Everything revolves around a creative identity. From the natural color of a rose to how that rose appears in ink against your skin tone. From what people wear to a nice restaurant to the way dishes are plated.”

Shaunté Douglas, Creative Intern


“At the risk of getting too conceptual, here’s what I actually think: creativity is what happens when a conscious animal is faced with a novel challenge. Human beings have a special capacity for combining experiential knowledge, received information, and imaginative projection to give physical form to their reactions to the world. That process is creativity, and it connects people to one another because our survival is predicated on our extreme sensitivity to exceptional instances of creativity. We crave elegant solutions and we celebrate people who deliver them.”

Micah Mackert, Associate Creative Director

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