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Uniting Visions for Parallax
September 18, 2019

Uniting Visions for Parallax

Parallax is a software startup aimed at helping agencies and consultancies grow in a way that creates harmony between teams and departments. As they prepared for their launch to the world, they came to Superhuman to help create a video expressing their purpose.

Many of us were all too familiar with the struggles of growth in a creative agency, and were excited to help Parallax articulate how they help.

To tell that story, we focused on a central conflict of an agency in a time of growth, when different departments see things from conflicting vantage points. Without a big picture view, it’s hard to have the perspective necessary to succeed together.

We created a concept where three characters represent different parts of an organization. One represents sales, one finance and one creative production. As they follow different paths, it becomes clear they need a tool that can align their objectives and help them carve out their company’s next horizon.

We used an arrow motif to emphasize the foresight Parallax offers, and utilized the colors in their logo to illustrate the idea of different departments being able to come to a collective understanding through Parallax.  A loose, hand-drawn style was used to create an organic and artful aesthetic to stand out from a category often driven by metrics and performance.

We are so excited to see how Parallax will transform agency life, and we’re happy we got to be a part of the process!

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