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The Relaunch of Granicus
March 8, 2017

The Relaunch of Granicus

Two public sector heavyweights, Granicus and GovDelivery, recently merged into one company to bring government workers a comprehensive suite of digital tools. They came to us to help rebrand the new company in a way that would unite both companies behind a shared mission.

Both were the first major players in their category, with Granicus digitizing government meetings and GovDelivery making it possible for government organizations to communicate digitally with citizens. It was a natural marriage that would only allow government workers to build a stronger, more effective relationship with their constituents.

The new company wanted to keep the equity of the name Granicus, but needed a new strategy, logo, design language, website and product portfolio alignment strategy.

We started by getting to know the culture, products and heritage of both companies, and discovered that both cultures were based on a deep respect for government workers. Many employees and members of leadership either had experience in government themselves, or had family members that had worked in government. Inspired by this sense of passion, we helped them create a strategy centered on building technology that allows government organizations to better the lives of the people they serve.

Then, we worked with both companies’ product experts to better understand their offerings, and created a system that merged their products into suites that worked together in harmony. To do this, we looked at outside tech companies that had overcome similar product integration challenges, and came up with a portfolio naming system that would provide a sense of clarity.

To create a new design language for Granicus, we explored the visual conventions of the category, and carved out a modern, clean and energized whitespace. This came to life through a bright, subtle gradient treatment and a logo that conveyed a sense of power and digital savvy.

Finally, we helped Granicus launch their new brand. This involved creating a brand anthem video, building a new, fully responsive website and creating a brand style guide that brought all their new assets together. It was a pleasure to work with a company as driven and forward-thinking as Granicus. Congratulations to all their employees on their relaunch! We know they’ll do great things.

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