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Superhuman Best of 2022
December 21, 2022

Superhuman Best of 2022

The year isn’t over until we take stock of what we consumed and experienced.

Highlighting the best of this year and some beloved all-time favorites, opinionated and discerning Superhumans share what sparked joy, interest, and enchantment in 2022.


  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Nope
  • Tár
  • Triangle of Sadness
  • The Batman

“I also finally watched The Lost Boys (you’re welcome Alec).”

—Erin Mackaman, Copywriter & Content Strategist


Banshees of Inisherin: I cried, ok! I cried a lot watching this movie!”

—Angely Guevara, Senior Copywriter

TV Shows

  • The White Lotus
  • The Rehearsal
  • Severance
  • Reservation Dogs
  • Better Call Saul

“I loved all of the twists and builds with each character in The White Lotus! Each character’s actions can be analyzed and understood in so many ways, but you’re still left guessing how it is going to end. A definite 10 out of 10!”

—Whitney Bauer, Director of Project Management


“Between Barbarian and The Rehearsal, it’s been a great year for media that makes you want to crawl out of your own skin.”

—Ali Dickson, Junior Copywriter


  • Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel
  • Liberation Day by George Saunders
  • Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver
  • Husbandry by Matthew Dickman
  • Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect by Will Guidara
  • Pure Color by Sheila Heti

“[What was my favorite book?] NOT Pure Color.

—Kelsey Knothe, Senior Project Manager


“All the books I read this year are old!”

—Alec Lindsey, associate digital design director


“Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer: it’s rare for me to read physical books, but I committed to this one.”

—Leslie olson, associate design director


  • Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny
  • Music for a Sushi Restaurant by Harry Styles
  • Stay Proud of Me by No-So
  • Laurel Hell by Mitski
  • Feel the Void by Hot Water Music
  • Texas Moon by Khruangbin and Leon Bridges
  • Sad Cities by Sally Shapiro
  • New Pleasures by Arp

“Sally Shapiro makes me want to buy a fancy Volvo and cruise around the streets of Södermalm.”

—Alec Lindsey, Associate Digital Design Director


“I didn’t even realize how bad Laurel Hell got me until I checked my yearly listening review. Apparently I played it more than any other album this year. Alright, Mitski! I give it up to you. I surrender (crescendo into piano solo ba ba bum … ba ba BA BA ba bum, etc.).”

—Ali Dickson, Junior Copywriter


“Beneath its icy precision, New Pleasures is a sneaky, playful album that’s deceptively light on its feet. It’s like drinking something blue, in somewhere glass, high above someplace that could be a gridded city or a spider’s web.”

—Micah Mackert, Creative Director


  • Normal Gossip
  • 99% Invisible
  • Sounds Like a Cult
  • Doughboys
  • Breakup Breakdown

Normal Gossip: As a self-proclaimed nosy person that lives alone, listening to inconsequential stories about strangers’ drama is essential.”

—Erin Mackaman, Copywriter & Content Strategist


  • Up North / Lake Superior / Grand Marais

  • William O’Brien State Park

  • Badlands National Park

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  • Wood-Rill SNA

“The Badlands: Such a unique and underrated National Park.”

—Kait Krueger, Project Manager


“My favorite trip of the year was New Orleans (if that counts!) not nature but fun.”

—Ashley Zimiga, Senior Designer


  • Little Tijuana
  • Mr. Paul’s Supper Club
  • Gus Gus
  • Mara
  • Khâluna

“There’s not a single place in town where you get the same care, creativity, atmosphere, and playfulness for the price as Little T’s. Its resurrection is a revelation—the divey-chic missing link between the haute and the hole-in-the-wall that our food scene has been sorely missing.”

—Micah Mackert, Creative Director


“I’ve always left Khâluna feeling refreshed. The menu offers something for everyone, yet keeps it feeling like you’re trying something you’ve never had before. Everything tastes both healthy and delicious, and I particularly loved the curry dish they had there this fall. The salad makes you feel like you just took a walk through a magical garden!”

—Leslie Olson, Associate Design Director


“Where else can you get a solid cheeseburger, a Jell-O shot, a high-end menu and a warm atmosphere all in one? Gus Gus fills a fun, adventurous niche in St. Paul dining.”

—Becky Lang, Chief Executive Officer


“I’ve never collected anything before, but I started collecting East Fork Pottery in the last couple years, and it brings me immeasurable joy. Every morning as I drink coffee from my perfect East Fork mug, or in the evenings when I plate food on one of my East Fork coupes, I am genuinely delighted. I love the brand, I love the product, and I love the community they have nurtured.”

—Molly Waller, Head of Creative


  • Space Grotesk

  • Self Modern

  • Canela

  • Fraktion Mono

  • Roslindale

“My personal opinion on Canela is that it has Cool Girl™ vibes. Straddling the line between editorial serif and a modern sans, Canela is soft and intentional in its contrast. Canela is a slicked-back bun with a blazer and loves Hailey Baldwin.”

—Olivia Anizor, Design Intern


“Self Modern is a playful font with such a big personality. It’s gained a lot of popularity this year among contemporary brands like Papier. I get a lot of joy from seeing a font that feels more feminine have a star moment.”

—Sandy Meirovitz, Senior Designer

Typos and
Grammar Tips

  • Oxford Comma

  • Hyphen (words) vs. En Dash (numbers / dates) vs. Em Dash (thoughts)

  • “You live with a tenant, you live by a tenet”

  • “Do you really mean simplistic, or are you trying to say simplified?”

  • Unnecessary apostrophes before every “s”

“The Oxford, motherfucking, comma!!!”

—Micah Mackert, Creative Director

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