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November 19, 2022

Superhumans on Creative Fulfillment in 2022

By: Kait Krueger

Project Manager

Superhumans on Creative Fulfillment in 2022

As a creativity agency, we’re always thinking about how and why we make what we do.

We’ve spent a lot of time this past year pondering what creativity means for us, both professionally and personally. As we close in on the holidays, we’re looking back on our ever-evolving relationship to creativity during 2022—how it has changed, shaped, and surprised us. Below is a selection of fulfilling creative moments:

Did you learn anything new about yourself this year through a creative endeavor?

“The value of a strong strategic foundation can’t be underestimated—it always leads to better, more grounded and resonant work.”

Head of Design

What are you really proud to have created this past year?

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Laura, Head of Experience, and Alex, Associate Director of Project Management to bring a website planning tool to life! It is now used on all web projects and has made our process much more efficient. I am really proud that we were able to identify a problem and collaboratively create a solution!”

Director of Project Management

When has your creativity made you feel empowered this past year?

“Joining Superhuman. After receiving my UX research and design certification this past April, I was eager to find a job that supported my creative process and Superhuman has fulfilled that dream and empowered me to put all that I learned to use.”

Senior Experience Designer

Did you collaborate with anyone on anything this year that surprised you?

“I married my longtime partner in May, and in many ways that I didn’t expect, the process of wedding planning felt like producing a big creative performance. It wound up being a really wonderful way for us to work through our expectations, emotions and concepts of union and partnership together.”

Creative Director

What are you really proud to have created this past year?

“I loved the opportunity to really push the visual identity of Grand Jeté! The project allowed for a wide range of creative outputs and Van also brought a really cool creative lens to the work that made it feel more exciting to bring to life.”

Associate Design Director

Did you collaborate with anyone on anything this year that surprised you?

“I’m new to this job and industry, so honestly every collaboration was new and surprising in its own way.”


How does the changing of seasons affect your creativity?

“A change of environment is so helpful for creativity to happen—what better change than a season itself!”

Strategy Director