Strategy, Voice & Tone, Messaging, Visual Identity, Launch, Video

Building a Vision with LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor was in a great spot. They had positive reviews, their culture ranked high on Glassdoor and they were growing in a smart and steady way. But with growth came the chance to level up and stand for something bigger in their market. They came to us to refresh their brand and help pave a path forward.

Looking to the Future

In our strategy process, we found that the category was focused on features, benefits and buzzwords. No one was articulating a solid, inspiring vision for what's next. We realized that LogicMonitor was uniquely positioned to elevate the role of monitoring in culture, and helped them build a strategy that set them up to do so. A key insight was that monitoring has traditionally focused on removing problems and helping people sleep better at night. LogicMonitor was going beyond that to help customers not just rest easy, but do more by day.

Decoding and Simplifying

When it came to LogicMonitor’s voice & tone, we saw that they were owning a down-to-earth, inclusive tone that already set them apart from the category. When we looked at competitors, it was a classic case of insider lingo, where developers were writing for other developers in a way that was hard to decode. We shaped a relatable, evocative voice & tone that focused on inspiring, colloquial language over complex technical terminology.

Crystallizing Thought Leadership

Messaging challenged us to work closely with the LogicMonitor team to build a vision that was more future-focused than anything else in the category. After extensive conversations with their head of product and other company leaders, we zeroed in on the essential role monitoring will play in the next wave of business and daily life. We took inspiration from their customer case studies to illustrate just how monitoring improves real people’s daily lives, and focused on the role that information and automation will play in the future of society.

Turning Sight Into Vision

For LogicMonitor’s tagline, we wanted to push against the rest of the industry. Competitors were heavily focused on sight and visibility, giving customers a single pane of glass to use in decision making. We wanted to elevate the focus to business potential, emphasizing how monitoring shouldn’t just solve problems, but illuminate new ways for leaders to push forward their vision. To convey that idea, we created the tagline “Turning Sight into Vision.”

Visual Identity

A look at the category found that white color schemes were leading to a sterile landscape. Something as simple as adding warm colors to a color palette and layering in patterns and illustrations could dramatically differentiate a brand like LogicMonitor.
We created a rainbow-inspired color palette and a set of patterns involving color flecks and playful dials that added a human touch to an otherwise technical category.

A Fleet of Friendly Robots

We noticed that LogicMonitor had commissioned some friendly robot drawings, and we wanted to expand on this concept. We designed a series of robots that touch on different elements of monitoring, like Velocity and Flexibility, which could help them share their product story in a warmer, more imaginative way.

Updating the Logo

We found that playful fonts were being underutilized in the category, and updated the logo with type that is modern and approachable. The upward-facing slope between the “c” and the “m” is a subtle nod to business metrics increasing thanks to monitoring. We also created a pulse logomark that seamlessly moves from a logo to an icon. The final logo is an homage to everything the brand loved about their former logo, but transformed to be more human and optimistic.

Playful Photography

Like many B2B categories, the monitoring category was ruled by stock photography. This can often mean canned, colorless office shots. For LogicMonitor, we designed a photography style that uses bold color blocking and fun props to bring a sense of play and humor to monitoring. Painted, blocky fake computers and low-fi robot hands add an element of whimsy.

Launching the Brand

To create a splash for the launch of their new brand, we worked with LogicMonitor to create a vibrant, imaginative launch video. We visited their office in Austin for a one-day shoot, and collected soundbites from their thought leaders and images of their culture to weave together with our robot-driven animation style. The video shows firsthand the type of thinking that makes LogicMonitor an exciting force in culture.

"At LogicMonitor, we have a market-leading product that customers love, but needed a 'north star' to help tell our company's story in the market. Superhuman rebuilt LogicMonitor's brand, messaging and visual identity to tell a story based around the value we deliver to our customers. They worked collaboratively across our company using data and proven frameworks to create a brand that is unique in our space and resonates with our customers."

Stephen Tarleton/Vice President of Marketing & Business Development