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Uncle Franky’s

Relishing the character of a legendary hot dog joint.


Uncle Franky’s is known across Minneapolis for its unbeatable hot dogs, and its charming character. It needed a brand that could amplify what makes it so great.


How can we turn what’s already a local food icon into a local pop culture icon?


Superhuman created a family mythos for the “Uncle Franky’s” family, shaping characters for Franky and his whole family. Then, we built these stories into short films, murals and fun, long-form menu stories that weave a series of tales. We also conducted a photoshoot that pairs this illustration style with images that show just how delectable the food is.

Gold Pin

Awarded at the American Advertising Awards for integrated brand identity campaign.


Higher than industry average site visits post-launch.

“We have a fresh new way to tell our story without losing the character our customers love.”

—Larry Domek,
Uncle Franky’s Owner

“[Superhuman] made us stronger through simplicity—and kickass creative! SH guided us every step of the way.”

—Alison Fairbanks,
Uncle Franky’s

I’ve been a loyal customer for over 20 years and man oh MAN does this design rule and totally capture the Uncle Franky’s vibe!!


This design is so freaking perfect for Uncle Franky’s. Extreamely good.


Your marketing is fantastic, like you have a cult following fantastic.


We need to know who did the website! Everything looks amazing.


Loveeee this energy!


Lmaooooo, nic



Uncle Franky’s


  • Food & Beverage

What we did:

  • Animation
  • Tagline
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Voice & Tone
  • Verbal Identity
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Photography
  • Digital Content
  • User Experience
  • Illustration
  • Production