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Brand: The Connective Thread
November 28, 2023

Brand: The Connective Thread

We’re excited to announce a new series of content focusing on brand as the connective thread that unites everything an organization does. We’ll be highlighting how brand can inspire product marketing, fuel innovation efforts, guide portfolio strategy and drive your digital experience.


As companies grow, they often become siloed and lose the ability to communicate using the same story. The marketing team has one playbook, and sales another. Innovation may fall out sync with customer service’s efforts to deliver better experiences. And portfolio strategy decisions may stretch and complicate what the company stands for, instead of strengthen it. When brands can connect all these dots, their organizations can move forward purposely and effectively.



First of all, what is a brand?

It’s tempting to define a brand as a logo. Golden arches. A swoosh. Yet the reason these logos have become so culturally iconic is that they represent so much more.

Another definition of a brand could be that it’s a set of consistent associations. Is it the drumbeat sound that plays when you open an app? The smell of roasting coffee beans? All of these associations tap into the emotion the brand wants to evoke, whether it’s a thirst for exploration or the feeling of walking into a warm home.

But at Superhuman, we have our own definition of brand: A distinct story that shapes a shared understanding of your business.

By thinking of brand as this way, you can consciously begin to weave a thread through everything you do. Your strategy, name and logo should all work together to reinforce that story. Your product interactions and marketing communications should all ladder up to a shared understanding of your business, no matter where people find you.

It also gives a role to your customers. Understanding goes a level deeper than perception, tasking brands with resonating deeply with the culture and psychology of the people they serve.


How an agency fits into the picture

A great agency won’t just design a creative toolkit, but help you build that distinct story. How do you differentiate from competitors while staying intuitive to customers? What is the through line that will extend your purpose and values into how you innovate your products, build interactive experiences and even measure your impact? An agency can help answer these questions.

In the following content pieces, we’ll discuss this in more detail.


Connecting Product Marketing to Brand

How can you ensure that your product marketing is truly resonating with the people who depend on your brand?


Connecting Innovation to Brand

How can you ensure that your R&D efforts expand on your core purpose, and truly serve your key audiences?


Connecting Portfolio Strategy to Brand

How can you decide where to focus and grow your portfolio by understanding your brand purpose?


Connecting Digital Experience to Brand

How can you inspire a more unique digital presence by building a strong brand story?


Keep an eye out for each piece in the next month.

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