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Equity & Inclusion

Superhuman is proud to be a minority- and women-led company with a deep, personal interest in empowering people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

What That Means

We express our values through equitable hiring and pay practices in our workforce, a safe and inclusive environment in our workplace, and diverse representation and accessible design in our work.

A Culture of Collaboration

We believe that creativity connects us and is a force for building empathy, inspiring action, and cultivating supportive communities. Through shared experiences and integrated processes, we promote collaboration among diverse groups of people to generate work that is more meaningful and more creative.

The Process of Progress

As the world continues to change around us, we know there are no easy answers, but we conscientiously lean into the hard, nuanced conversations necessary to support dignity, joy, and opportunity for all people. As makers of culture, we aim to be both ethical leaders and thoughtful students with a profound desire to listen, learn, and—most importantly—connect with those around us.

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