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Connecting an EdTech Leader to the People they Serve

PowerSchool is the largest education technology platform in the world. The company serves more than 32 million students, 66 million parents and 100 million users in over 70 countries around the globe. While the brand already had a massive impact, PowerSchool wanted to expand their story to new audiences. We partnered with PowerSchool to help them find their voice and get credit for the amazing work they do every day.

Laying the Foundation

To help PowerSchool cement their brand strategy, we started with a complete immersion, conducting interviews, managing research surveys, auditing competitors and even conducting an ethnographic journaling study. We discovered that by making a simple shift to focus on people, not data, PowerSchool could unlock a whole new way of communicating.

Identifying Purpose

In a category that celebrated data as the hero of the classroom, we flipped the script: PowerSchool knows that the teachers, superintendents, principals, IT directors and school staff make the biggest difference in the lives of students. But their lives aren’t easy. They’re in desperate need of powerful tools to help them succeed in an often chaotic and stressful school environment.

PowerSchool’s purpose is ultimately to free educators and students to realize their full potential. Through unified technologies, they level the playing field so every student can have a chance to achieve their dreams.

Standing Out

To flesh out their new mission we created PowerSchool’s voice & tone and messaging guidelines as well as refreshing their visual identity. We worked with the brand to establish a look and feel completely their own, with bright, optimistic colors and a signature shade of blue. To complete the new look, we updated their logo and wordmark to appear more open and inviting.

Looking the Part

To emphasize emotion and individuality, the refreshed language features bright, candid photography supported by festive splashes of color. Together, these elements built on PowerSchool's existing equity, while allowing them to claim their place as a category icon.

Connecting with Educators

Finally, we created a targeted campaign that reached out to PowerSchool’s primary audiences, sharing how PowerSchool can relieve their pain points and restore their passion for unlocking student potential.

The Measure of Success

With over 4 million completed views to date, the response from PowerSchool's audiences has far surpassed expectations. On social media, completion and engagement rates are exceeding both category and platform averages across the board, with Facebook video completion at 80%, more than 4x the average. In addition, our targeted videos have been seen on premium national sites, including Newsweek, MSNBC, BBC, Time, Discovery and ESPN.