Strategy, Voice & Tone, Messaging, Visual Identity

A Healthcare Brand Inspired by Patients’ Lives

As the home care branch of Stella Health, Livio provides support via traditional services in non-traditional settings. They help patients and their families navigate incredibly complex and challenging life transitions. When their service offering expanded, Livio wanted an updated brand identity that deviated from the sterile look and feel typical in healthcare. Together, we helped create a refreshed brand identity that's energetic, compassionate and unlike any other in the industry.

People-First, Always

Illness and caregiving are a normal part of the human experience, but too often, a patient's humanity takes a backseat to the diagnosis. That can make sickness feel taboo, or make caregiving seem like a burden. By acknowledging this simple yet powerful insight, we created a unique brand belief for Livio that centers around care inspired by life rather than disease. Livio’s goal became to provide care that frees people and families to shape their lives, their way.

Changing the Conversation

Livio believes it's time for a new approach to healthcare that empowers people and their care teams. Inspired by that, we created messaging guidelines that enable patients and their families to think differently about the care they deserve. With subtle shifts to the narrative, Livio always addresses the people they serve with the 2nd person “you,” asking direct questions and motivating people to see new possibilities. Messages from Livio are always down-to-earth, relatable and direct--never blunt, divisive or voiceless.

Balancing Fragility and Stability

The Livio logo was created to feel bold but warm. Serifs on the letters create a strong base, stabilizing the angular, somewhat topsy-turvy letters within the name. The imperfect nature of the forms adds a human element. The angles of the letters point upwards to suggest optimism during trying times.

A Natural Shift

To complement its people-first strategy, the new Livio visual identity needed to stand apart from the cool blues and grays that flood the healthcare category. We selected a color palette inspired by nature, one that comes across as warm and full of life while remaining understated. Similarly, we developed a pattern system that juxtaposes rigid, gridded shapes with organic, flowing textures to represent both the structure and humanity in the services that Livio provides.

Perfectly Imperfect

In a category that can feel scary, overwhelming and clinical, Livio wanted to stand out. We developed a light, airy illustration style to make every design execution feel like it had a personal touch. The hand-drawn elements also mimic the patterns used throughout the visual system.

Celebrating Everyday Connection

With the category making use of serious photos that felt entirely care-focused, we helped Livio define a style centered around the connections and realities of life, no matter what that looked like for patients. We wanted the brightness of interaction to be the focus rather than ambiguous "hands of the doctor" set in dark rooms.

All Together Now

Our goal for the Livio brand language was to create a system that felt bold and different while remaining sensitive to the complexities of care. All of the visual identity elements came to life across a variety of swag items and collateral pieces that help Livio amplify its people-first approach.

"The whole team, from copy to strategy to creative, was extremely flexible and open to all of our feedback and the inevitable twists and turns our project took. The creative output was next-level gorgeous, and really makes us stand out proud in our category. I look forward to working with them again soon."

Lizz Wright/Livio / Service Design Strategist