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Spotlighting the impact of answers in radiology.


Intelerad’s growth in the medical imaging space involved several acquisitions, and a broadening of ambitions to go beyond serving radiology groups into serving hospitals and health systems. They needed an updated brand that could capture their ambitions while helping them stand out from the crowd.


How can you differentiate in the crowded medical imaging space while telling a powerful story that connects the values of decision makers, caregivers and patients alike?


During our discovery process, we learned that one of the most impactful ways that Intelerad changed people’s lives was by simplifying the path to answers. By lowering the time people spend in the dark awaiting critical medical guidance, Intelerad becomes a calming, directional presence. This sense of calm and emotional focus on answers then guided the entire brand identity and website experience.

All increased within 1 month of relaunch

+ Users
+ Pageviews
+ Demo form Submissions

“I’m so excited about Intelerad’s future and we wouldn’t be here without the support of everyone at Superhuman.”

-Mary Judge, Marketing Director, Intelerad

“This will help us win!”

-Jordan Conner, Sales & Marketing Leader, Intelerad




  • Healthcare
  • Software & Technology

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Tagline
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
  • Voice & Tone
  • Verbal Identity
  • User Experience
  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Brand Portfolio