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Arise Community Credit Union

Lifting Others, Rising Together


Arise Community Credit Union came to us with a vision to become a chartered credit union that helped the Black community in Minneapolis gain control over their finances and create generational wealth. They needed to bring their story to life in a compelling way to gain support from investors and the community.


How do we create a brand that builds connection with a community wary of financial institutions, and build credibility with investors?


We created a vibrant, uplifting brand that reflects the spirit of the North Minneapolis community, and celebrates the people who will be financially empowered through Arise. This work helped them become the first credit union to receive a new charter in Minnesota in 23 years.

First Credit Union

Chartered in Minnesota in 23 years.


Received in community pledge deposits and $1mm in capital contributions.

“I am at a loss for words… Superhuman team you have outdone yourself. I am very grateful to witness history in the making.”

—LaDina Posey
ABEP Community Engagement Coordinator


Arise Community Credit Union


  • Finance
  • Nonprofit

What we did:

  • Animation
  • Visual Identity