Strategy, Visual Identity, Campaigns

Moving beyond age-old body standards in ballet

With the purpose of helping others perform their best physically and emotionally, SPB celebrates the human form in all its varying shapes. This way of seeing their dancers as people first and performers second was unique to the space. They came to us to create a strategy and identity that would inspire donors, volunteers, students, company dancers and patrons alike.

"It was a wonderful journey into understanding more clearly who we are as an organization. The end product not only captures the organization cleanly but also authentically."

Zoé Emilie Henrot, Artistic Director/St. Paul Ballet

Ballet is About Passion, Not Perfection

Their brand positioning came to life through the line "See Beyond Beautiful," which showcased their openness to partnering with and nurturing all types of dancers. Then, we created a visual identity that uses simplicity and elegance to showcase the grace of the format.

Ballet is timeless. Its design language should be, too.

To put the dancers themselves front and center, we created a design language with a light touch. In particular, the logo can be used as a flexible window to showcase the the variety of dancers. The palette is predominantly monochromatic, with unobtrusive flourishes of pastel color.

Form as Function

Photography plays an essential role in the visual identity, which was designed to spotlight the dancers. We worked with Shuttersmack photography to develop an arresting style that captures the individuality and passion of each dancer in motion.