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Creating an Insights Brand that Simplifies the Complex

Market Track and InfoScout, two leaders in the omnichannel insights world, came together to form one comprehensive company. They needed a new brand that could support their shared mission of providing a clear picture in the often complex world of market and shopper data. They came to us to help them build and launch their new brand.

Highlighting a Clear Path

We started by developing a differentiated, ownable brand belief and purpose for the combined company. We realized many players in the category boast about their endless data sources and the streams of information they can provide. For an analyst, this is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they desire the complete view. On the other, vast quantities of data can be paralyzing. Thus, the white space was not championing an overwhelming wealth of the data, but in finding an actionable path through the chaos.

Finding a Meaningful Name

To name the new company, we explored many territories, from animals with clear vision to themes of simplicity and clarity. The winning name, Numerator, resonated with the executive team because it created both a literal (Numerator helps clients elevate their top line) and emotional (a play on the word enumerate, as the company explains market outcomes with data) connection. In a nod to the meaning behind the name, as well as the client service component of the business, we developed their tagline, "Strength in Numbers."

A Friendly-Yet-Smart Look and Feel

The Numerator logo mark is an obvious “N” shape, with the round circles representing data points and upward growth. With the name being math-oriented, we wanted the logo mark and logotype to feel approachable and human. The faded lines in the “N” imply movement and the green color palette represents optimism and intelligence. To bring even more energy into the system, we created vibrant patterns extracted from shapes in the logo mark. The dots and lines still have a numeric / data feel without being too techy.

Adding Color

The energetic color palette and patterns are brought down to earth by large floods of deep teal backgrounds and plenty of whitespace. Numerator’s secondary color palette features a variety of warmer colors to add versatility to the palette, especially for use in graphs and charts.

Making Everything Work Together

The type we selected is Mark Pro, a bold, but somewhat lighthearted sans serif. We wanted to feature oversized headlines in executions but didn’t want the typeface to feel too intense or overwhelming. We also introduced a rounded iconography style to mimic the logo mark, as well as a stylized, people-focused photography style, which was completely unique to the category.

Launching the Brand

Numerator had a new story to tell and wanted to make a big splash with their launch announcement. We developed the “Rise to the Top” campaign, which encouraged potential clients to discover how Numerator could help them eliminate blind spots and elevate their standing in their category. To connect to the thought leadership the brand had already established, we used many of their cornerstone case studies to create advertising with intriguing and surprising insights. We also partnered with Ad Age to share how brands can eliminate their blind spots. The campaign delivered on Numerator’s brand purpose to help brands and retailers chart their own path forward.