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Elevating IT Financial Management

As every company becomes a technology company, the way they handle associated costs and investments matters more every day. An early leader in the ITFM space, Nicus came to us for help evolving their brand in a category that’s changing fast, and growing faster.

No One’s Got More Heart in the Game

Diving into the world of ITFM, we noticed that most competitors were solely focused on top decision-makers. Only Nicus was speaking to the people with the most to say about those decisions—the ones who actually use the software day to day. And their customers love them for it. Combined with a genuine enthusiasm for spreading the word about the transformative potential of ITFM, Nicus was ideally positioned to stand out as passionate advocates for their industry.

Striking a Balance

To highlight Nicus’s distinctive character, we developed a voice & tone that conveys a reassuring, positive presence, and a messaging strategy that welcomes CIOs and finance practitioners alike. After extensive conversations with IT leaders and Nicus product experts, we learned we could best serve customers by helping them see the bigger picture, and provide insight for how to make the pieces fit together more smoothly

Looking Fresh

It didn’t take long to notice most of the category hewed to standard tech tropes: awkward stock photography, modular blocks of content and an ocean of muted blues and greys.

To extend Nicus’ welcoming, human tone, we developed a rich color palette to play against crisp bands of white, navy and green. A collection of illustrative accents nod playfully to financial charts and graphs, and a bold, inviting serif font further distinguishes Nicus from the pack.

Giving the Imagery Dimension

Nicus had a library of illustrations on hand, which we updated to merge with the new visual identity. But we wanted a complementary illustration style to depict some of the more complex concepts associated with IT financial management. We settled on a style that blends objects, symbols and shapes into intuitive isometric environments that bring a sense of tangibility to a somewhat abstract category.

Inviting Engagement

Even among IT leaders, ITFM isn’t always a familiar phrase. To ensure every visitor feels comfortable and informed, we built a website that encourages education and exploration. By keeping the visuals and functionality clean and simple, Nicus can deliver lots of information without overwhelming viewers.

Launching the Brand

To cap off the updated brand, we created a media campaign and launch video that served to reintroduce Nicus to the world. Elaborating on the new identity, the Simpler, Smarter campaign emphasizes the reduced complexity and increased visibility Nicus’s solutions impart. The concept introduces a new visual motif of overlapping, color-coded pipes that represent the diverse, often obscure elements of IT spend.

"Working with the Superhuman team was a transformational experience. Breathing life into our brand has been a game-changer!"

Amy Robertson / Head of Marketing / Nicus Software