Strategy, Voice & Tone, Visual Identity, Copywriting, Websites

Helping Milkweed Editions tell their story

Milkweed Editions, a local non-profit publisher, believes that literature has the potential to change the way we see the world. They needed help articulating their story and building a contemporary and lasting digital presence.

"Working with Superhuman was the perfect mixture of getting exactly what Milkweed wanted--a site that put us ahead of our field visually and functionally--along with a dose of operational reflection the organization didn't know it needed."

Patrick Thomas, Managing Director/Milkweed Editions

Standing out in the category

To start, we immersed ourselves in the brand to find out what truly makes them different. We realized that their core strength is in providing extraordinary long-term mentorship, which can be hard to find among larger publishing houses. This helped us create a brand architecture that turned their unique approach into their core mission.

Laying a foundation

Together with this foundational work, we created a modern visual identity, which guided the look and feel of their new website. We brightened up their signature blue and incorporated fresh iconography and typefaces. These elements evoke Milkweed's pioneering history while establishing a more contemporary, clean aesthetic.

Unleashing the Power of Words

As a book publisher, Milkweed's site is text-heavy, prioritizing language over images. We created a strict typographic hierarchy and spacing guidelines so copy would be more inviting, easier to digest and visually crisp.

Bringing a Literary History to Life Online

A purpose-driven nonprofit, Milkweed's history and vision are intimately woven through everything they do. We created an "Our Story" page to foreground their values with modular elements, and evocative commentary on and from the authors they publish.