Strategy, Naming, Voice & Tone, Visual Identity, Launch, Video, Websites

Launching a Leader in Retail Software

Three industry-leaders in omnichannel commerce came together to form one company that could provide a unified consumer experience. They came to Superhuman to help launch the new brand from the ground up.

A Name that Sets the Bar

Using our naming process, we landed on Kibo, the highest summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. This name captures the drive to accomplish more year after year.

Capturing a Sense of Energy

Then, we created the brand’s visual identity. Its wordmark represents the peak of a mountain while echoing the first letter of their brand name. For their trademark color, we chose yellow, which stood out in the category.

Flexible Resources

We paired an optimistic photo style with a clean visual system for easy customization across the brand—from websites and white papers to brochures and trade show booths. Restrained, but human, these elements establish a contemporary look that pays off on Kibo's technological foundation without feeling icy or corporate.

Scaling a Vision

Finally, we created a voice & tone, launch website and anthemic video. Outfitted with the final identity and initial assets, Kibo was ready to introduce itself to the world as a fully formed brand with a distinctive, compelling style.