Strategy, Naming, Voice & Tone, Messaging, Visual Identity, Launch, Video


YouEarnedIt and HighGround came together to create an HR software brand that specialized in employee recognition, performance and engagement surveys. They came to us to highlight how they make work more enjoyable and meaningful.

adding a zest for life to the workplace

Many employee recognition companies focus on the idea of "human capital," which can feel disconnected from everyday employees. Others show an overly sunny picture of the modern workplace, which can glaze over real issues. Important topics like gender equality, diversity and inclusion, the wage gap and more often fall to the wayside in light of more euphemistic messaging. Kazoo needed to leverage their ability to add depth to workplace interactions and solve the authenticity gap in their category.

Shaping Their Voice & Tone

How do real people want to talk about work? We found that Kazoo was perfectly positioned to bring tough issues down to earth, approaching hard topics and disarming them for the people who use their software daily. A balance of levity and gravity creates a sense of magnetism with substance.

The Sound of Success

While names in the category are either telegraphic or achievement-oriented, we sought to develop a more evocative name that captured the positive and bold direction the brand was embracing. Kazoo was an early favorite, representing a celebratory instrument without feeling serious or grandiose. Anyone can play a Kazoo and share in the sweet sound of celebration.


Visuals in this space often centered around gold star imagery to represent accomplishments, and cool colors to connect to social brand conventions. Kazoo stands out with animated confetti and celebratory bunting. The bunting in their logo specifically represents their three major offerings of recognition and rewards, performance management and engagement surveys.

a brand of many colors

To differentiate from the blues and whites in the category, Kazoo’s color palette centers around a warm green, executed in vibrant color-on-color treatments, paired with a cool gray. We supplemented it with an inclusive secondary color palette to give the brand room to play and experiment.

the bold types

While generic sans serif types dominate the category, Kazoo opted for Avant Garde Gothic, a bolder, more celebratory font. We also employed the more condensed Gotham Book for longer headlines and body copy.

launching kazoo

We worked with Kazoo to develop and produce a launch video that emphasizes the little moments of good that Kazoo enables employees to celebrate every day. With full-screen text and diverse occupational imagery, this video demonstrates that Kazoo is more than just a tool—it’s the feeling you get when work is working.

“The Superhuman team guided us through the rebranding process from start to finish -- starting with their thorough research and analysis, to in-person workshops and informative presentations, to multiple iterations of creative treatments. Superhuman is a knowledgeable, professional, and friendly partner during the roller coaster of rebranding, and their recommendations and support culminated in our distinctive new brand – and a perfect launch video to help announce it.”

Rebecca Beegle, Director of Brand/Kazoo

a partnership in harmony

This was a great collaborative process for us. We enjoyed working closely with the Kazoo team to shape the way they brought their brand into the world.