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Reviving an iconic beer brand with a rich history

In its relaunch, Gluek Beer faced the challenge of staying true to its heritage while introducing the world to who it is today. They came to Superhuman to bring its brand to life once again.

Created in 1857.
Brought back in 2017.

Rather than focusing on retro appeal, Gluek’s stakeholders saw an opportunity to reinvigorate the brand with an “old made new” approach. We made that happen with bold yet minimal design and a fresh, positive personality.

Taking inspiration from history

When it came to creating the brand’s identity, we mined its vintage beer can designs and advertisements for inspiration. We wanted to capture the beer’s classic spirit while making it relevant for today’s beer drinkers. Our goal was to combine classic German-inspired typography with fresh, American-inspired shapes and colors.

Bringing Their Story to the Web

The chronicle of Gluek beer is a classic American tale, spanning 160 years and bridging the old and new worlds. We illustrated their history with an interactive timeline, complete with archival photos and ads, and culminating with new blog content that brings the story up to the present moment.

Old-world tradition.
Well-rounded lifestyle.

As a lifestyle brand, we wanted Gluek to convey a fun-loving spirit in its refreshed web design, vibrant visual identity and passionate copy. We worked with our friends at Shuttersmack photography to translate this to photography, and designed a responsive website to be the brand’s new home.