Visual Identity, Campaigns, Websites

Giving your day job a shot of nightlife

Extra Grind is the free after hours school for overachievers, up-all-nighters & the chronically ad-curious. Developed by Superhuman, Extra Grind is designed to help people—young, old, experienced or fresh out of college—looking to break into advertising or polish up their skills without the hefty cost and commitment of portfolio school.

Distilling the thrill of the city at night

To develop the visual language of Extra Grind, we were motivated by the juxtaposition of a day job vs. a “night job.” Line-based illustrations inspired by the landmarks and atmosphere of Uptown Minneapolis are rendered in a vibrant neon CMYK color scheme evoking the city's bustling nightlife. The Extra Grind logo is a versatile mark that flashes between three icons representative of Extra Grind's core values: an eye for inspiration, a lightbulb for ideation and a coffee cup for determination.

Coming alive in the dark

To spread the word about Extra Grind, we launched a guerilla marketing campaign lead by an eight-part glow-in-the-dark poster series featuring headlines and imagery that transform when the sun sets.

Printing in (almost) invisible ink

We worked closely with print masters at CHUX Print to ensure the posters are crisp and clean by daylight and luminous by night by adding a photosensitive layer of glow-in-the-dark ink.

Persona Posters

Of the eight posters, three feature aspirational "Grinders," Extra Grind students in the midst of their everyday tasks and toils. But when the lights go down their true ambitions are revealed.

Bringing Extra Grind Online

Instagram served as the main point of contact for students. Bold, illustrative posts spread the word wide, and enticed potential grinders to sign up. And, naturally, anyone who attended was plied with whatever swag they desired: pins, stickers, t-shirts and notebooks.