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Uniting 4 Public Sector Tech Leaders

Collectively serving more than 7,500 public sector agencies, the industry’s top innovators came together to lead the public safety and administration software space. We worked with them to create their brand and share their better together story.

Exploratory Sprint

CentralSquare wanted a logo that was representative of the four companies coming together, as well as the four sectors they serve. We explored a variety of logomarks in a very short time period to find an image that conveyed the full scope of their shared vision.

Owning the Image

To escape the sharp geometric shapes suggested by CentralSquare’s name, we used half circles to create a friendlier shape around the central diamond. The result resembles both a shield and a top-down view of a city, with the outer shapes mimicking buildings surrounding a town square. Just like public service agencies themselves, the logo appears at once inviting and protective.

Elaborating the Brand Language

The overall brand language was built to be clean and simple, using abundant whitespace, large type, thin hairlines and non-traditional layouts to highlight individual elements. To balance the minimalist visual approach, we also create a dimensional pattern resembling an abstracted cityscape.


Typography is one of CentralSquare’s most distinct visual elements. To set it apart in a category flooded with interchangeable sans serifs, we chose an expressive serif paired with an intense, all-caps subhead font. The combination lends the brand character, without feeling unprofessional or insubstantial.

Following the Through Line

We utilized the thick lines created by the negative space in the logomark to execute other brand elements. Like the logo, a set of bold icons balances sharp edges with rounded corners.

Sharing the Story

To launch the new brand, we created a video that tells the story of how CentralSquare came together. We used customer interviews to lend a more intimate, human touch to a category that can feel formal and traditional.

Bringing it All Online

For the CentralSquare landing page, we wanted to create something that was cutting edge and told a clear story in a unique way. We developed a one-page sliding design that guides visitors through a hierarchy of information, delivering key CTAs along the way.