Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity

Creating a ski town’s optimistic cannabis brand

The cozy town of Steamboat Springs, which attracts adventurous travelers from all over the country, was the destination for a new type of cannabis manufacturer and retailer. But first, they needed a brand. They came to Superhuman to build it.

"We learned so much about what we are and what we do through the whole process. Keeping our brand current as our business grows and enters new markets is a big job. Superhuman makes that easy to manage and assures we are always ahead of the curve."

Adam Nelson, CEO/Billo

A leaf by any other name...

We started by naming the company Billo, which alludes to a plume of smoke and a feeling of lightheartedness.

For the love of the product

Our clients truly felt that cannabis presents a new way to bring people happiness, alleviate pain and encourage rituals of joy. They wanted to change how people looked at the culture, for the better.

Breaking from convention

The cannabis category is full of clichés. We created a visual identity that leaves behind “weed culture” signifiers and instead takes inspiration from Steamboat Springs’ abundance of nature.

Nature-inspired palette

We created a rich palette that was inspired by nature, with a less obvious nod to the traditional green. The typography is bold and approachable.