Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity

Capturing the Essence of an Outdoor Tech Brand

An outdoor reservations company came to Superhuman for help finding its identity after splitting off from its parent brand. We took a deep dive into their culture, uncovering a passionate conviction that technology can connect people more deeply to outdoor experiences.

Creating a Mission

Together, we created a brand positioning centered on the sense of wonder inspired by natural and historical sites, and the duty to preserve them. Then, we landed on a brand name—Aspira—that captured their constant quest to connect worlds and expand opportunities in the outdoors.

A Bright Identity

The new brand needed its own original look and feel, one that would capture their love of simplicity and sense of optimism. We wanted to avoid the clichés of the outdoor space, especially muted colors and recycled textures. We developed a warm, rich color palette to match the brand’s transparency and passion.

Purposeful Imagery

We rounded out the visual identity with a flexible set of tools that set them apart in a homogenous category. Expansive photography, clear typography and distinctive iconography lend energy and warmth to the visual language. Together, these elements evoke the sense of awe and wonder that Aspira offers their customers.