October 10, 2018

Welcome Ashley, Our New Designer!

We’ve been lucky enough to work on some great design projects at Superhuman, from software websites to beer cans. This fall, it was time to grow the team. We looked far and wide, and were struck by Ashley’s portfolio, which shows an adept hand at both illustration and conceptual branding work. Plus, she brings a wealth of experience in package design. We also loved that she hustles in her spare time to make screen prints that give her the chance to flex her style. We’re glad she signed onto our team! Get to know Ashley more below.

Tell us about your career so far. What opportunities have you had, and what have you specialized in?

When I first moved to Minneapolis out of college, my first design job was a design internship at Fusion Hill. During my time there, I designed posters and brochures, which were used to illustrate collected research for Fortune 500 companies across the country. My most recent design job was at an agency called MOCO, where I primarily worked in print design, including a major role in package implementation.

What new types of projects do you hope to take on at Superhuman?

I’m really excited to work on more branding projects. It’s something I am really passionate about, and I can’t wait to collaborate with a group of talented individuals in the process. I am also really thrilled to do more web-based projects. I’ve had a lot of experience in print, and I’m eager to learn more with web design.

What passion projects or interests do you have, and how do they influence your design work?

One of my main passion projects is screen printing. I am a member of a screen printing studio called North Star Printmakers Studio. Being a part of this studio gives me the opportunity to create something that is truly, 100% me. I have displayed and sold some of my prints, and I love the idea of people enjoying those pieces in their own home. I think design and screen printing work well together. Doing these projects pushes me creatively and I learn a lot of new things in the process.

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