January 22, 2020

Van to Judge the Mortarr Awarrds, Add Another “R” to Superrhuman

Our CEO Van Horgen has got some opinions about creative work! That’s why he’s agreed to become a judge for the Mortarr Awarrds this year. We’re excited to see what’s up for the big prize.

Here’s the press release:

Winners of the Awarrds, now in its second year, will be announced January 27.

MORTARR.COM – Mortarr, the single online source for inspiration, products, and pros in the commercial construction and design industry, has announced the digital panel of judges for Mortarr Awarrds MMXX. The Awarrds, now in its second year, celebrates the most inspiring pros and brands in the commercial construction and design industry.

The following industry leaders are judging the Awarrds’ finalists: International Living Future Institute’s Alexandra MullerHDR’s Elizabeth Von LeheMaterial Bank’s Lily Genis, RSP Architect’s Jackie Peacha, freelance content creator Beth Millerphotographer Tadd Myers, and Superhuman’s Van Horgen.

Mortarr will announce Mortarr Awarrd MMXX winners on Monday, January 27. Until then, head to The Forum by Mortarr to check out meet the panel, check out the Awarrd categories, and see all of the finalists’ stunning work: https://www.forum.mortarr.com/mortarr-awarrds-mmxx.

Mortarr is the leading inspiration gallery and networking site exclusively for commercial construction and design. Architects, builders, designers, developers, facility directors, business owners and more use Mortarr to find project ideas, specify products and vet pros. It’s the first website and app bringing the industry together on a single platform, making it easier to find, be found, and collaborate. Head to https://www.mortarr.com/ for more.


About Mortarr

Mortarr is the singe online source for inspiration, products, and pros in the commercial construction and design industry. Building the largest commercial design database in the world and empowering industries with technology, Mortarr allows users to showcase projects and products, connect with industry professionals, grow networks of partnerships, and collaborate and track decision in real time with clients and project teams. Headquartered in Minnesota, Mortarr, the Mortarr logo, Building Beautiful Business, Design Room and Showroom are registered trademarks of Mortarr, LLC worldwide. For more information, visit mortarr.com.

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