March 27, 2016

The Show Awards: Did Superhuman Take Home Any Pushpins?


Like many in this biz, Superhuman attended the 2016 Show Awards on Friday, March 11. Drinks were had, Pushpins were awarded and we all got to see the “Ads in Wonderland” our peers have been hard at work concocting.

We made off with two Pushpin awards: a bronze for our Saint Paul Ballet rebrand and another bronze for our Bladerunner movie poster. Thanks for the acknowledgement, judges of the Show Awards! We’re honored. Below is some more info on the two award-winning projects.


The Saint Paul Ballet Rebrand
We were thrilled to get the chance to rebrand the Saint Paul Ballet, who have a legacy of inspiring their community with dance. The rebrand was a collaboration between Superhuman’s Creative Director, Van Horgen and our Design Director, Grant Wilson. It also features copy by Kevin Hughes and stunning photography by Leslie Plesser. The insight behind the rebrand was that the organization had a unique way of seeing their dancers as people first and performers second. Their new imagery aims to celebrate the human form in all its varying shapes.

The Bladerunner Poster
This was made for the Trylon Microcinema’s Trylon Book Club, conducted in partnership with Moon Palace Books. When you purchase the book from Moon Palace Books, you get a ticket to a screening of the film at the Trylon and the chance to discuss the story with fellow fans afterward. The poster was made by Superhuman’s Design Director Grant Wilson, who wanted to capture the contrasting characters of the film’s two female antiheroes. The spider is an allusion to a moment in the book that isn’t captured in the movie.


We had a blast at the awards, and we’re grateful for the acknowledgement of our hard work.

If you have any questions about this work, direct them to

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