July 12, 2019

Say Hi to Our New Senior Project Manager, Lindsey Galbraith

While our Lake Street office is getting cozier–we might be a little low on desks—that won’t stop us from welcoming incredible talent, like new Senior Project Manager Lindsey Galbraith! Having worked with Lindsey previously, we knew that her diverse experience and nimble organization skills would be an awesome, vital addition to the Superhuman team. We’re looking forward to her impact on our processes and getting to know her even better.

Tell us about how you got into Project Management. 

Short story? I sort of fell into it.

Long story? I was in school for elementary education when I started working in Target Creative as an admin. I had a lot of down time, so I started looking around for other stuff to do. I got put on a committee that organized internal fun events, and quickly became the default project manager for the group. After about a year of doing that and getting feedback that I was really good at leading the work and the team, I started shadowing a PM on her campaign work. As I got close to the time I would have taken a leave to student teach, I decided, “I’m here, I love the people, I love being around creative work. If I leave to get my teaching licensure, I’ll never get back in the door. If I stay, I have a chance for a career here, and I can always go back to teaching if I want.” I did an internship on the meetings production team instead of student teaching and… got laid off along with 3,000 other people three days after that ended! I was totally devastated, but got hired less than three weeks later as a PM/Producer at a small digital agency (who happened to do dev work for a small 3-person branding agency called Superhuman). Four years and two agencies later, here I am!

What do you hope to experience at Superhuman?

I’m excited about so many things at Superhuman—to be at a smaller agency that is growing, being around creative work after three years of more technical work, the diversity of clients, getting to be a part of establishing project management processes for the entire agency, learning more about the process of branding and getting to be a part of that work … and getting to know new people!

What’s the best book you’ve read lately and why?

I basically only get to read the internet and children’s books. My time for reading actual adult books is limited to right before I go to bed, and I always fall asleep before I make any progress! I have literally been reading the same post-apocalyptic novel for over a year. One book that my daughter and I love is called Du Iz Tak, which is a beautifully illustrated picture book in a made up language. The narrative is told through conversation between insects, about a new plant that has sprung up in their environment. It’s fun to read because you have to figure out what they’re saying by using contextual clues. 

What are you most looking forward to in your spare time this summer?

Being outside! I love running, biking, having drinks on a patio, kicking my kids out of the house to do whatever they want while I weed the garden, sitting in the shade while they splash in a park pool… give me anything warm weather and outside (except for mosquitoes!).

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