April 06, 2020

Say Hello to Our New Designer, Alec Lindsey!

Welcoming Alec Lindsey while we social distance hasn’t been easy, but we’re so excited to have, in Chief Design Officer Grant Wilson’s own words, “one of the best, one of the greats” in our midst. We know Alec is a hard worker and a great problem solver. With over a decade of experience, he will be a huge asset in fortifying our digital capabilities. Looking forward to the great work ahead!

Tell us about your background and what led you to design.

I always enjoyed drawing as a kid, and thought I’d be an animator or a comic artist someday. In 6th grade, the Colorado Avalanche won their first Stanley Cup (I grew up in Western CO), and I remember attempting to draw their logo, rather than drawing players from the team. My dad casually remarked, “maybe you should think about graphic design.” I think that’s when I started to process that there were other forms of art than drawing and painting.

What’s happening in design right now that inspires you?

What I find most inspiring in the design world right now is the growing DIY ethos. From independent designers to large agencies, the idea that there’s a “right answer” or one way that things are supposed to work is disappearing, and I think that’s mostly a good thing. Best practices are important, but being resourceful and finding a way to get things done often leads to unique solutions that may even become the strength of the design itself.

What do you hope to experience at Superhuman?

I already know most of the team here, so I know we’ll create great work and have fun. I also hope to be in on one or more inside jokes, but that’s probably unrealistic.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately and why?

I just caught up on The Arab of the Future graphic novel series by Riad Sattouf. Hilarious, amazing work that is beyond relevant in 2020. Can’t wait to read the final parts.

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