March 31, 2016

The Ramen Rundown – Reviewing MPLS’ Best Bowls

Dramen Ramen_02

Apparently there has been a “Ramen Revolution” in the Twin Cities as of late. That might explain why we’ve found noodles in our mouths on a weekly basis this year. When we’re not eating pho, we’re often enjoying giant bowls of ramen noodles, fatty pork and general tasty flotsam. Since we’ve gotten some real firsthand experience with the stuff lately, we thought we’d share our reviews of different ramen joints in town.


This is hands-down the Superhuman favorite ramen in town. Here are some stellar endorsements from staff.

“Draman Ramen – The best in town. The flavors of the hybrid broth are dramatic. It’s dramatic ramen. It’s Dramen Ramen. No half-stepping. Get yo’ slurp on!” – Van

“The Dramen at Unideli was my first ramen experience outside of the microwavable packs from college days. With the first sip of the broth, I was hooked on the idea of trying as much ramen as I possibly could. But I also immediately knew the Dramen would be impossible to beat. The presentation is beautiful, the taste is complex, spicy and exciting. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water despite having just had it (for the fifth time) for lunch yesterday. Let’s go!” – Drew

Dramen Ramen_01

The Dramen at Unideli

“Unideli is the most underrated and best place for Ramen in the Twin Cities. If you are looking for a trendy crowded bar scene go to Moto-i, but if you want the best bowl of ramen in town go to Unideli.” – Grant


Char Siu at Kungfu Noodle

Kungfu Noodle

This spanking new ramen spot on Nicollet caught our eye so we had to try it (plus we liked the name). We all went for the Char Siu, which features pork belly and pretty little fish cakes that look like watermelon radishes. (Warning, do not bite into one expecting a radish.) This place has gotten a bit of negative press, but we found it surprisingly good. The steamed pork bun appetizers were especially tasty. The place was empty, so if you want a quiet space to get fast ramen, give it a shot.

“The Char Siu Ramen from Kungfu Noodle was just my second ramen experience, and it was a pretty good one. The atmosphere they’ve created is worth checking out, and the Char Siu ramen didn’t disappoint. I would happily go back, but would be more excited to try elsewhere first.” – Drew

“I thought this place was solid. Very tasty. But I’m no ramen expert.” – Becky

Karaka Tantan Ramen_01

Karaka-tantan at Obento-Ya


This University of Minnesota-centric Japanese restaurant is a favorite for ramen, sushi and bento-based meals. We’d definitely recommend hitting it up — just watch out for college kids who will make you feel old and sober!

“Karaka-tantan Ramen – Miso broth with the right spice and everything nice. It’s like Zen. Perfectly balanced deliciousness.” – Van

Ramen Kazama_Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu ramen at Ramen Kazama

Ramen Kazama

This spot on Nicollet opened up with a long line out the door, showing how much hunger there is for good ramen in this town. We’ve all eaten here a few times and we generally deem it to be “fair.” The trick is to get the Tonkotsu and not get too experimental.

“The Tonkotsu is very good. The rest are a bit blah.” – Grant

Hungry yet? We hope we helped you find a new ramen place to try. Let us know what you think.

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