November 27, 2017

Q&A with Our New Copywriter, Micah Mackert

Micah is a creative thinker and writer whose ventures have spanned everything from music to board games. He brings a great skillset to our team, including writing killer taglines and developing unique brand voice & tones. Welcome, Micah!

Tell us about your journey to becoming a copywriter and landing at Superhuman.
After college I did internships and freelancing for non-profit literary presses. I thought editing would be a natural extension of an English degree and a desperate passion for books, but I swiftly gravitated to the marketing and publicity side of things. I was drawn to the challenge of condensing something as complex as a novel into a perfectly representative blurb, and making a compelling argument to an extremely discerning audience.
After awhile, I wanted to try writing more diverse messages for bigger audiences, and I pivoted to advertising through an internship at Zeus Jones. I have been freelancing ever since, with a brief detour spent as a Marketing Director for a local tech startup. 
I did projects here and there with Superhuman for about a year, and when they offered to bring me aboard I leapt at the opportunity!
What perspective do you hope to bring to the work at Superhuman?
My background is in creative writing, cultural criticism and performance art, all interests that I still pursue in my free time. As a result, I think, my perspective is informed by a healthy skepticism of simple solutions, an eagerness to make creative work that is deeply engaged with cultural and social themes, and a borderline pathological desire for originality.
That, and I try hard to preserve some reverence for the creative process. Actual writing is just one facet of copywriting. I love research, I love finding a novel approach to match the project, I love working with clients to discover how they truly think about their organizations, and I love drilling down to the larger implications beneath creative ideas. 
What do you believe makes creative work for brands stand out?

It’s not necessarily new wisdom, but I believe strongly that creative work must be useful, above all else. Whether that means it’s educational or aesthetically rewarding, it needs to provide something of legitimate value. If you’re demanding people’s attention, especially when they don’t have a say in the matter, you have a responsibility not to waste their time, and an opportunity to demonstrate the benefit your product can bring to their lives.
 If it achieves one or all of those principles without condescending or presuming ignorance, it’ll tower over the swell of inferior messaging frenziedly trying to get noticed.  
Tell us about your creative pursuits outside of work 

I recently co-wrote a Kickstarter video for a friend’s company, Bim Bam Boo. They make eco- and bio-friendly toilet paper from bamboo fiber. Did you know almost all TP is soaked with formaldehyde, bleach and industrial adhesives?  
I also worked on American Dynasty, an outrageous, slightly sinister board game another friend of mine developed. You play as either the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Bushes or Clintons to strategize your way to political glory. 

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