April 18, 2016

4 Twin Cities Spots for Getting Your Falafel On

During a work trip to NYC last summer, I had a killer falafel sandwich from a tiny place in the West Village. Crispy falafel and fresh veggies smothered in hummus and tahini, all tucked into a soft pita … heaven. And so I wondered, where’s some good falafel around here? Turns out, there are a lot of options!


Falafel Sandwich from Loon Deli

Loon Deli
You’ve probably driven by dozens of times thinking it’s just another sketchy convenience store and never giving it a second thought. But inside is a takeout counter with some of the best falafel and gyros around. The falafel is fried-to-order and wrapped with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and dill in a soft pita. Altogether it has a bright and fresh flavor. It’s a big sandwich, but won’t weigh you down. My personal favorite!


Falafel wrap with Jerusalem pickles from Shish Cafe

Shish Cafe
The falafel here deserves a shoutout for its big flavor. You can get it as a wrap, which is less messy, but it’s just not as good as having it in a pita. And definitely add the Jerusalem-style pickles for extra flavor.


Falafel sandwich at Wally’s

This small Dinkytown shop has flavorful falafel and the sandwich isn’t overloaded with lettuce, like some places have a tendency to do. The pita bread is nice and soft without falling apart and overall it provides a nice balance of flavors.

Trieste Cafe
Trieste is a lively little spot on the ground floor of the Lumber Exchange building, run by two Lebanese brothers (or so I assume!). One mans the register and the other chops and assembles each order with rapid gusto. The sauce is really good, and the fresh squeeze of lemon over everything is nice touch. Don’t get discouraged by the line out the door; it moves along fast!

Heather Horgen

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