January 23, 2018

Congratulations Becky Lang, Superhuman’s Newest Partner!

Between new clients, new hires and a new office, 2017 brought big changes and bigger opportunities our way. We’re keeping that momentum going right into 2018 with the exciting news that Becky Lang is becoming our third agency partner. Drawing on her career as a copywriter and creative director, Becky brings to the table a peerless instinct for connecting with audiences, an incisive grasp of social and cultural trends and a sophisticated vison for the future of advertising. We could not be more pleased to announce her new role in leading Superhuman forward.

How has Superhuman changed since you came aboard?
It’s been exciting to watch Superhuman grow since I first came aboard. We’ve added some really talented people to our staff, who get what we stand for and want to help us build something different. We’re always evolving and trying new approaches, and each person expands what’s possible for us.

I’ve learned a lot from working with Van and Grant, especially about producing work that feels as intuitive and timeless as possible. As we add to our team and capabilities, our challenge will be to keep that simplicity alive in everything we do.

How will your background and experience inform your role as partner?
Before working in advertising, I was an entertainment journalist. Being on the radar for stories gave me a sense for what gets noticed and how it draws attention. I looked at what was impacting culture—who’s doing something different that people care about? That’s what was newsworthy. Brands should think about that first, rather than pushing out a message that may not matter to their audience.

My goal is always to help brands make sure their core proposition, product and service are shaping their category. Only then will creative work make the right impact. It can never be a band-aid for a brand that has lost a deeper connection with their customer.

What challenges do you think agencies in general are facing right now?
Brands today aren’t just putting out commercials—they’re building cultural experiences. But figuring out how to do that can be overwhelming. Where do you start? The modern agency’s goal is to crack the category’s codes and help a brand build an experience that their customers will love.

That means creativity has to apply to so much more than communications. It has to shape how a brand builds their ecosystem and forms an authentic relationship with their customers. AND it has to lead to communications that stand out above the noise of thousands of competing messages today. That’s a tough challenge, but a fascinating one. I think there’s a little magic and serendipity in figuring it out. Creativity has to involve experimentation and play.

What are your hopes for the new year?
We want to take our clients along for the ride in all our decisions and discoveries. We never want to bore them, or bring them esoteric ideas that don’t connect with what they do. This year we’re working on developing materials and experiences that bring the branding process to life for our clients and put them on our side of the table. I think that’ll be exciting, and also keep us honest. If something isn’t moving the dial, we’ll throw it out and keep pursuing bigger, better ideas.

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