July 10, 2018

Behind Our New Website

As an agency, nothing is easier to forget about than your own website. Once you’re busy, you can feel like a chef who cooks all day and makes themselves frozen pizza for dinner. But really, an agency website should be the ultimate example of what you stand for and what your creative processes can deliver. They key is finding the right time to make it happen.

In the last year, we’ve grown from a staff of five people to twelve. With each new person we’ve added, our culture has gotten more nuanced, interesting and fun. We’ve also been working hard with inspiring brands, and our portfolio has been expanding along with our capabilities. It was time to put that out into the world.

For the Superhuman website 3.0, we wanted to build a guided experience full of visual surprises and bold storytelling. The new site features our updated visual brand language, including rotating accent colors that make it feel like it’s living and breathing. It was a challenge to find time to rethink and recreate our own website, but we think it truly captures the unique agency we’ve built.

Here’s some thoughts on the site from the people who helped build it:

“It was fun to create a website that had very few limits. We truly believe we are different and wanted that to be expressed on our website even if that meant taking risks. It’s not perfect, but it’s bold and different, like our work.” – Stacia, designer

“With Superhuman growing, it was time to showcase how we’ve matured as a business and to show off what our wonderful, talented people can do.” – Van, founder and CEO

“The new site presented a lot of fun, unique development challenges. We got to push the boundaries on SVG graphics and dynamic color adjustments. In addition, the fixed scroll feature required that we get creative when readjusting the layout for responsiveness and devices of all shapes and sizes.” – Shawn, developer

“We wanted to create a digital environment that would come to life as you moved down the page, curating the content while using vibrant colors and movement.” – Grant, partner and design director

“Your own brand is always the hardest to work on, but we collaborated fiercely and pushed ourselves, and this site is a reflection of our talent and culture.” – Heather, director of UX

“The locked scroll element was fun because it gave us license to tell more guided stories. It was really cool to see the designers use totally different styles, like comic-style illustrations.” – Becky, partner and creative director

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