August 14, 2018

4 Questions with Our New Strategist, Libby Kapsner

Tell us about your background in advertising.

I spent four years at Indiana University studying Advertising / PR as
well as psychology. I had a few agency veterans as professors who
inspired me and introduced me to the agency world. After stalking
their office hours and learning all I could about the industry, I was
confident that it was right for me. Following college, I interned at a
digital agency in new business, which led me to my last gig in account
management at Yamamoto. Each year I’ve been in the industry, I’ve
fine-tuned what I am doing to better fit where my passion lies, from
business development to account management and finally, to strategy.

What made you decide to become a strategist?

With a background in psychology, I’ve always been interested in the
way people think, specifically about the world and brands around us.
I’ve had some great mentors who’ve taught me that there’s room to
pursue this interest and passion within advertising through strategy.
I love the challenge and problem-solving strategy brings every day and
am so excited to finally do what I’m truly passionate about every day.

What do you hope to learn and try at Superhuman?

In my first week here, I’ve already seen the unique energy and skills
each person brings to the table, how they look out for each other and
the all-hands-on-deck attitude. When an agency has such a close-knit,
cohesive team like this, you have the opportunity to learn skills far
outside of what you were hired to bring to the table. Not saying I’ll
become a design whiz anytime soon, but there’s definitely something to
be learned from each individual here. I also hope to refine my Slack
skills after spending the last couple of years in the “Skype for
Business” world.

What are you most looking forward to in your spare time this fall?

This fall, I’m looking forward to riding my Razor scooter over the
crisp leaves, painting and trying things that are pumpkin-spiced that
should not be pumpkin-spiced.

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