January 16, 2018

4 Questions with Stacy Kuhlmann, Director of Client Services

We’re hitting the new year running with the promotion of our very own Stacy Kuhlmann to Director of Client Services. Since joining Superhuman as a project manager, Stacy has brought her distinctive clarity of focus and fresh approach to every detail of the job. We are proud to announce her new position and excited to see where she takes us in the coming year! Get her take on the current state of client relations below.

How has your role at Superhuman changed since starting here?

My journey with Superhuman thus far has been ever-changing and hard to define with one title. When I first joined the team almost two years ago, I was specifically brought on to help manage projects for one of our largest clients. Superhuman was then—and still is—a lean and mean crew. When I entered the picture, there was already an arsenal of talented senior folks overseeing the day to day. With every new client or project we’d get under our belt, two more would come along with it. Not a bad situation to have, but the need for someone to step in and manage the overall operation, from production to client relationships, was apparent very quickly. I think I naturally gravitated towards those gaps to establish my role here.

How are client relations different for modern agencies?

From my experiences working with larger or more traditional agencies, client relationship responsibilities live more with designated account managers. Departments are typically siloed—account people and creative people are kept separate. At more modern agencies, especially here, that sole “account” role is ceasing to exist. Writers, project managers, designers—we all work in sync, directly with clients from the beginning of the process to solve the marketing challenge of the day. In such a collaborative, fast-paced environment, one of my goals is to break down the barriers that might delay or get in the way of producing great work.

What new opportunities does this bring?

I think this transparent approach opens up the lines of communication—both on the agency and client side. It helps us more directly form partnerships with our clients and sets both sides up for success. From the early stages of scoping a project to the final executional phases and the problem solving in between, uniting the core team involved throughout can make the biggest difference in the level of work achieved.

What are your hopes for the new year?

It’s been crazy to think where this agency once started and I can’t imagine what the Superhuman crew will achieve with another year ahead. My overarching goal this year is to find new ways to expand and shape our processes and offerings. I want to find creative ways to approach and adapt to situations and challenges that help make everyone more efficient. I am most looking forward to keeping up with the momentum Superhuman has built as we continue to forge this path we’ve created.

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  1. EileenMassie says:

    Way to go Stacy!!!What a great article and this promotion sounds wonderful and a great fit!
    Best of luck

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