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3 Questions with Ian Traas, Senior Copywriter

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At Superhuman, our favorite copywriters work hard to understand a client’s audience and are eager to dig into communications challenges of all sizes. We recognized those traits in Ian Traas, and are excited to add him to our team on as a senior copywriter. He’ll be bringing his eye for detail and chameleon-like writing voice to our projects right away.

What’s your approach as a copywriter? How do you like to understand what a client needs and solve it through communications?

I want to tell rich, vibrant stories in the most elegant way possible. Sometimes that means adopting an economy of words where every syllable has a unique importance, and sometimes it means expanding an idea until it reaches its breaking point. It’s situational–it hinges on how the brand wants to represent itself in the larger market.

But before anyone starts representing anything anywhere, the most important thing we can do as marketers is observe. Observe the way stakeholders frame their needs, the way the brand comes to life (or feels lifeless) in their current communications, the way that the company has reached their current state. Observe successes, opportunities and points of leverage. Once we understand the difference between what the brand is and what the brand wants to be, we can bridge that gap with the right messaging.

What type of projects are you most excited to work on?

I’m excited to work on anything that helps our clients strip away the unnecessary pieces of their brand to get to the heart of what they do. I’m doubly excited to work on anything that makes a positive impact on everyday people, their livelihoods and their communities.

Tell us about your writing background outside of advertising. What types of passion projects and professional experiences have inspired how you work in this field?

I’m a music junkie, and I first came to professional writing through a desire to share my newest favorites. That led to opportunities within the Village Voice network, including LA Weekly, The Miami New Times and City Pages. After a few years of writing almost solely about songs, albums and concerts, I opened myself up to other kinds of long-form articles–think pieces, humor, technical, marketing.

But even as my portfolio started to amass a variety of styles and subjects, it took a while to make writing my main career path. And I’m thankful for that. It’s been my extensive professional experience in fields like finance and entertainment that has set me apart from other writers and given me a wide base of knowledge to draw from. I take all of that–the passion, the variety, the technical know-how–and use it to inform my overall approach.

Job Opening: Strategist

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Superhuman is looking to add a strategist to our team. This is a perfect role for someone who wants to grow, hone your skills and learn!

You’ll assist the Director of Strategy on brand strategy presentations, integrated campaign planning, research projects, new business and picking out where to go for lunch on Fridays. Our clients span many different industries, so you’ll get to work on a variety of projects and categories. This role is client-facing, and as you gain experience and an understanding of our process, you’ll eventually lead your own accounts.

At Superhuman, we believe people do the best work when they’re happy. While we may not have any ping-pong tables, we do value mentorship, have great benefits, stock our fridge with LaCroix and most importantly, have a talented, kind, and dedicated team.

This job is a great fit if you’re:
A good presenter (or you strive to be!)
Willing to learn

Preferred Qualifications:
2-4 years agency experience in strategy department (non-media)
Led formal quant or qual research projects, or at least know your way around SurveyMonkey
Proficient in PowerPoint or Keynote
Experience with Simmons or MRI modeling
Using search to create audience insights

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and any applicable work samples to

Meet Bryce — Our Project Coordinator Intern

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We’ve got another human among us. Meet Bryce, who’s joining us for the summer to help out with project coordination. Bryce’s optimism, ambition and leadership made him a great choice for expanding our project management capabilities. Bryce shared his background and goals for the internship below. Welcome Bryce!

Tell us about what you studied in school and what inspired you to work in advertising.
I studied Strategic Communication at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. In my Jour 1001 class, taught by Shayla Thiel-Stern, I was first introduced to the advertising industry. From that class and subsequent courses, I knew that advertising was the field where I wanted to thrive and make an impact. I naturally felt drawn to the work and gained fulfillment just from studying work related to advertising. I have always felt that working in advertising would be a career for me rather than a job.

I was inspired to work in advertising because I feel encouraged to work creatively yet mathematically and because the people in advertising are so diverse in learning, being, knowledge, interests and passions. It is an industry that is constantly evolving and so are the people. These two elements help inspire me to be the best me.

What do you hope to learn this summer?
After completing the first few days of my internship, I would like to learn about:
• How to support the team at Superhuman in a way that showcases our strengths and caters to the needs of each team member
• The processes utilized by Superhuman. It is my goal to always work to improve myself and the way I implement our processes
• The ins and outs of our clients’ goals. I aspire to find the best ways to support them in all of their work
• The best practices of project management, coordination, branding, design and strategy
• The ins and outs of Superhuman’s goals. I want to find the best ways to continue to support Superhuman through short-term and long-term initiatives
• The passions of my coworkers and how to include them in the work we do at Superhuman

What extracurricular hobbies do you have? Do they inspire how you work in your day job?
In my free time, I enjoy learning, weightlifting, building computers, meditating/reflection, studying successful advertising campaigns, studying French, playing video games, Magic the Gathering, practicing videography and reading. I’m also always on the hunt to expand my arsenal of hobbies.

Some of my hobbies definitely inspire how I work in my day job whereas some hobbies are more for self-care. For example, meditating reminds me to breathe and keep calm in my personal and professional life during stressful moments. By staying calm and meditating, I’m able to make more rational and strategic decisions on a consistent basis and reduce stress.