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We’re Looking for a Marketing Intern

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Job Description:
We’re looking for a marketing intern to help with everything from project management to administrative duties to client services support.

Start and end date are flexible
30-40 hours per week
Hourly pay

This Internship is Right for You If:
-You’re passionate and curious about advertising and marketing
-You’re a multitasker and consider yourself detail oriented and organized
-You work efficiently and take initiative
-You have the ability to adapt to the project at hand and shift gears as needed on a day-to-day basis
-You have professional communication skills and feel comfortable with client contact
-You’re comfortable speaking up for your ideas and collaborating with a team
-You are seeking a multidisciplinary position
-You have experience with coordinating, scheduling and other administrative duties

This is Not Right for You If:
-You don’t want to work in advertising
-You don’t feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment

To Apply:
Please send the following:
-A cover letter
-Your resumé and/or portfolio
-Any passion projects (blogs, films, etc.) or links that show your skills

If interested, please reach out to

About Superhuman:
Superhuman is a strategic and creative agency in Uptown, Minneapolis. We’re a small team with a high-bar for quality. We work in a casual, stimulating environment, and we like to laugh a lot and eat ramen together at least once a week.

Meet Our Summer Intern, Ayanfe Adewoye

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Summer isn’t here yet (neither is spring, sadly), but we’ve already kicked off our summer internship. Meet Ayanfe Adewoye, a U of M grad who spent his college years mastering technical writing. We were excited to find a writer who geeks out on working with subject matter experts and mastering legal claims. Always relevant in advertising! Welcome to the team, Ayanfe.

Tell us about your background and what you studied in school.

I studied Technical Writing and Communication and come from a writing-oriented background. Prior to starting at Superhuman, I worked as a Web Editor at the University of Minnesota and did content strategy and web editorial work.

Do you have any creative passion projects that inspire your work?

I’m an avid reader and have always tried to read a wide repertoire of books in order to learn new things. Right now I’m focused on reading autobiographies (such as Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and Born a Crime by Trevor Noah) in order to gain a greater understanding of the different circumstances people come from. I strongly believe in inclusivity in creative work, and I think one way to achieve this is learning about others and being mindful of their different circumstances in the creative process.

What are you most excited to try and learn this summer?

I’m planning a trip to the Boundary Waters with my friends this summer and am canoeing for the first time!

Internshipwise, I’m excited to flex my writing muscles and learn how to think more like a creative writer rather than a technical writer. I’ve found that creative writing employs a different process. It’s focused on evoking emotions and making your reader feel a particular way, while technical writing is focused on how clearly your reader understands the complex information you’re conveying to them. I’m excited to learn from the writing greats here at Superhuman and blend up my own distinctive style!