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Our Official Burger Ranking

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1. Shake Shack
“The first time I ate one of their burgers, I didn’t want to stop chewing each bite because that meant I was one bite closer to being done. It’s the juiciest and most tender burger I’ve ever experienced.”
2. Smashburger
“This is a national chain but don’t let that stop you from smashing one of their burgers. Again, I prefer burgers that are tender and juicy. Don’t sleep on the excellent quality and taste.”
3. Five Guys
“Nothing fancy here. Just a quality burger. “
4. Burger King
“Flame broiled Whopper. I was a vegetarian for 2 weeks. Walked past a BK and smelled the flame broiling. Game over. Vegetarian no more.”


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1. Matt’s Jucy Lucy
“It’s the best jucy lucy. Less is more. They don’t add extras — it’s just burger with a cheese core pickles onions ketchup and mustard.”
2. 112 Eatery
“My favorite non-traditional burger. The way the brie melts into the patty is amazing, and I like how it’s on an english muffin.”
3. Five Guys and Shake Shack
“My two favorite fast food burgers. Nothing fancy but they nail it every time.”




1. Matt’s Jucy Lucy
2. Parlour Burger
3. Shake Shack


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1. Parlour
2. Revival
3. 5-8 Club


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1. Shake Shack
2. Smash Burger
3. Five Guys

For what it’s worth, here is Heather’s award-winning poem about burgers for Serious Eats. The response? “The judges say: Girl, we got to eat, too!”

Cannot live without
Every time I say love
Ultimate union of beef (juicy) cheese (gooey) bun (squishy)
Red, round, ridiculously right 
Girl, I got to
(Raises cheeseburger to mouth)

She’s a poet and she KNOWS it.

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1. Blue Door
2. In-N-Out Burger