Empowering an education non-profit to fight the status quo

  • Strategy
  • Voice & Tone
  • Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Launch
  • Content Strategy

Ed Allies was formed by education advocates who want to ensure society is truly serving today's students. They came to us to help build their brand from scratch, including their strategy, visual identity and voice & tone. One of their main priorities was to break barriers facing underserved students, and they didn’t mind disagreeing with popular opinion to do so. Our strategy helped them share their mission to bring a rigorous and engaging education to all students.

We helped them create a cohesive visual identity free from the teacher’s apples and sharpened pencils that are typical in the education category.

We chose a vibrant color scheme and created a wordmark that captures their initials while subtly resembling an opening book.

We art directed photo a shoot with local photographer Leslie Plesser to provide the brand with a photo library featuring real students in the school systems they work with. Using these brand materials, we designed and developed their new website, making sure it was responsive while providing a rich platform for content.

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