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We’re Looking for a Copywriter Intern!


Job Description:
We’re looking for a copywriter intern to help with everything from creative concepting to naming to long-form content writing.

Start and end date are flexible
15 hours per week
Hourly pay

This Internship is Right for You If:
-You’re passionate and curious about advertising and marketing
-You have a flexible writing voice
-You have an excellent handle on style and grammar
-You work efficiently and meet deadlines
-You’re comfortable speaking up for your ideas and collaborating with a team
-You are seeking a multidisciplinary position
-You have experience with long-form writing (journalism, creative writing, blogging)
-You have experience with short-form writing (campaigns, comedy, Twitter, etc.)

This is Not Right for You If:
-You don’t want to work in advertising
-You feel comfortable writing but not concepting, collaborating or presenting

To Apply:
Please send the following:
-A cover letter
-Your resumé and/or portfolio
-Any passion projects (blogs, films, etc.) or writing links that show your skills
-The assignment (below)

Applications due by 4/23/17.

Send materials to

The Assignment:

Choose a brand with household recognition that hasn’t yet worked to appeal to millennials.
Using a creative format of your choice (PowerPoint, website, Word doc, etc.), share your thoughts on how they could update their mission statement, tagline and content strategy to connect with young people. Provide a few examples of headlines or pieces of content that could come out of that content strategy.

Tip: Make sure the mission statement and content strategy are built on an emotional insight that taps into the needs, goals and lifestyle of millennials.

About Superhuman:
Superhuman is a strategic and creative startup agency in Uptown, Minneapolis. We’re a small team with a high-bar for quality. We work in a casual, stimulating environment, and we like to laugh a lot and eat ramen together at least once a week.

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