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Helping A Local Drum Brand Take the Next Step

Northeast Drum Co.

You might say a few of us here at Superhuman are drummers. Or at least, we are in our dreams. That said, we have immense respect for anyone who holds a rhythm for a living. That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with a local drum company whose star is on the rise.

Northeast Drum Co. is a father and son venture that brings 20 years of industry experience to designing beautiful, hand-crafted drums. Their jaw-droppingly gorgeous drum kits and shells are made of high-quality wood, each featuring an original pattern in its grain. Drummers get to dial in their sound by working with the company to build a custom drum kit that offers unsurpassed quality, consistency and flexibility.

Because of the uniqueness of their product, Northeast Drum Co. kits are selling fast and attracting plenty of world-class drummers. As the founders prepared to visit the National Association of Music Merchants tradeshow, they needed sales materials that looked as professional as their drums.

That’s where we stepped in. Using their word mark, we helped them whip up a set of brochures that expand on their current design language and brand story.

This project was a pleasure. Excuse us while we dust off our own basement drum kits.

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